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7 years ago

3pw - Blood! Broads! And Brawls!

Film Gorillas
Film Gorillas
Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2003) 120 minutes ~ Color

Real blood. Real pain. Real violence... Real extreme!

Taking up the crimson-soaked mantle of ECW, Philly's own 3PW (Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling) offers mat fans intense action with some of the nation's top stars and most exciting young talents. In this "best of 3PW" sampler, you'll see high-kicking Syxx-Pac take on daredevil Sabu; Ian and Axl Rotten versus Public Enemy; a heavyweight title bout between "Pitbull" Gary Wolf and Christian York; plus appearances by Jasmin St. Claire, Missy Hyatt and more. 120 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English; bonus match; photo gallery.

Directors: Tod Gordon, Brian Heffron and Jasmin St. Claire

Writers: Tod Gordon, Brian Heffron and Jasmin St. Claire

Stars: Terry Brunk, Michael Durham and Chris Ford

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