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Bomb threat: Bill Heffernan brings fake pipe bomb, dynamite into Australian Senate

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A senator in Australia brought a fake pipe bomb and mock dynamite to a Senate hearing on Monday to illustrate the potential dangers of newly laxed security in Parliament.

Bill Heffernan, a New South Wales senator, shocked those in attendance when he pulled out a fake pipe bomb. He then explained his reasoning for doing so.

"Up until this point, most people working in this building know that it is safe, but I don't think it any longer and to demonstrate that this morning what could be ... I bought this through security, a pipe bomb," Heffernan said at the Senate hearing.

Heffernan then told the Senate how much fun he used to have as a child mixing easily acquired ingredients together to make bombs and blow up trees.

"When I was a kid we used to blow stumps out on the farm, 50 years ago. We'd get some nitropril, a quart of distillate, a plug of jelly and a detonator, light the bloody thing and [it would] go to buggery. It could blow a tree the size of this building out of the ground," he said with Australian Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus in attendance.

The cutbacks to security are saving the Australian government about $370,000 per year.


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