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6 years ago|188 views

Bollywood plants U.S. roots

Bollywood gets a warm welcome ... Stateside.

Entertainers from India's Mumbai-based Hindi film industry arrived in Tampa, Florida for the International Indian Film Academy awards.

The event is making its first ever stop in the U.S. - with organizers hoping it will help deepen ties between the two countries.

In true Bollywood style, the show kicks off with a song and dance number, this one performed on a pirate ship with event hosts dressed as swashbuckling pirates.

As for its scale -- this show has been compared to the Super Bowl in terms of its security needs, traffic management and planning.

That may not be surprising, considering it's expected to be seen by 800 million viewers worldwide -- far surpassing the championship American football game's 111.5 million average viewers.

The film academy's decision to come to the United States, and particularly Tampa, is credited in part to the strength of the city's Indian-American community, which numbers m
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