Evolution Battle for Utopia Hack Cheats ~ New Working Hack for Android & iOS

  • 10 years ago
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There is no doubt that Evolution: Battle for Utopia has taken on a big challenge by trying to fit 3 different game genres (Action, RPG and Strategy) into a single iOS installment. For the most part it succeeds in creating a system that feels balanced from all 3 perspectives, but the actual characters and storyline of the game receive little to no attention at all. This, in turn, makes an ambitious, good-looking title feel somewhat forgettable.

That's not to say that it doesn't have enough dialogs or character interactions -- plenty of those are available (as one would expect from any real RPG), but they all feel shallow and ultimately unimportant. The characters (even the protagonist himself) amount to no more than soulless stereotypes with remarks that neither take themselves very seriously, nor are they particularly funny or interesting. That aside, Evolution has a number of strong qualities that succeed in redeeming the game's overall status.