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Mexico kills drug lord Nazario Moreno...again

Authorities in Mexico say they have killed reported drug lord Nazario "El Mas Loco" Moreno on Sunday in Michoacan state Sunday morning. The problem is that Mexican officials also reported that Moreno was shot and killed three years ago in 2010.

Moreno was the founder of the La Familia cartel as well as being regarded as the spiritual leader of its breakaway group, the violent Knights Templar. His killing was first announced after a gunfight in 2010, but no body was ever recovered. He was also reportedly seen alive several times since 2010.

Police said that they tailing Moreno for some time. They said he was finally tracked down and shot dead in Michoacan state. "From a fingerprint analysis we have confirmed 100% that that this was Nazario Moreno Gonzalez," said Tomas Zeron, the head of investigations at the federal prosecutor's office.

Government security spokesman Alejandro Rubido said authorities had been tracking Moreno for some time. Rubido said Moreno was stopped by police on Sunday morning in the village of Tumbiscatio. "When he was asked to turn himself in, he opened fire and was killed," Rubido said.

The 43-year-old Moreno was the founder of the La Familia cartel, which dominated the Michoacan drug trade. Some reports say that the La Familia cartel was severely weakened by his reported death.

La Familia's breakaway group the Knights Templar, known for its brutality and use of religious imagery, then took over many of La Familia's cartel operations and began to run much of the methamphetamine production and trafficking in the West of Mexico.

While US and Mexican officials fiesta over the capture of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman and death of Nazario Moreno, no doubt it's still business as usual for the cartels.


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