Playboy golf tee stunt: model Liz Dickson sues over bruised butt cheeks

  • 10 years ago

Model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy for $500,000 after suffering a serious whack to the backside during a stunt where a golf tee was slipped between her butt cheeks.

Dickson, of Traverse City, Mich., was named Girl of Playboy Golf in 2011. The title sent her to Los Angeles to participate in the Playboy Golf Finals the following year, and at the competition, she was asked to pose in a photo shoot.

During the shoot, Dickson was asked to lie on her belly and her skirt was pulled down to expose the top of her butt crack. A white golf tee was inserted into the resulting space, a golf ball was set on top, and Playboy radio host, Kevin Klein, wound up for swing.

It is suggested that Klein was not meant to hit anything other than the ball, but he failed in this mission and delivered a serious blow to Dickson's right cheek. She laughed off the foul right after it happened, but subsequently suffered a formidable bruise which nearly consumed her well-shaped buttock.

Dickson also claims that she has suffered permanent damage to her hips and nerves and is now seeking damages against both Klein and Playboy for battery and negligence.