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Bing censoring Chinese language search results in US

Microsoft's search engine Bing has decided that it will completely sell out by censoring information for simplified Chinese language users in the U.S. the same way it filters results in China.

Searches first carried out by people over at GreatFire.org discovered that Bing gives different search results in the US for English and simplified Chinese language searches on a series of terms that Chinese censors find controversial. Terms like "Dalai Lama", the "June 4 incident" (Tiananmen Square 1989 protests), "Bo Xilai" and "Falun Gong".

A simplified Chinese language search for the Dalai Lama (达赖喇嘛) on Bing comes back with a link to information on a documentary made by China's state-owned broadcaster CCTV. The next two links are from Baidu Baike, China's cheap knockoff version of Wikipedia that is of course completely censored. Yahoo returns the same lame search results as its engine is also powered by Bing.

If you do the same search on Bing in English, the Dalai Lama's own website come up as the top link. The English search also shows images of the Dalai Lama, while the Chinese search does not.

Google on the other hand gives pretty much the same search results for both simplified Chinese and English queries.

In a huge disservice to mankind, Microsoft actually links Chinese searches to propaganda produced by state-run broadcaster CCTV and Chinese Google/Wikipedia knockoff Baidu Baike.

It's nice to see US companies turn a blind eye to authoritarian governments just so they can do business. Only problem for Microsoft is that no one uses Bing anyway. Have you ever used Bing?


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