George Clooney talks marbles - Elgin Marbles at Berlinale
  • 10 years ago
Screaming fans greeted George Clooney when he arrived on the red carpet in Berlin for the international premiere of his latest movie The Monuments Men.

It is based on events in Belgium during the Second World War though shot entirely in and around Berlin.

The film is an historical caper and tells the story of a platoon and their mission to recover stolen artwork from the Nazis.

The movie star, in a press conference then answered questions from a reporter on the subject on what are known as the Elgin marbles.

The artifacts from the Parthenon in Athens are in the British Museum and Greece wants them back an dispute which has raged for over two hundred years.

“I think you have a very good case to make about your artifacts and I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were returned. I think that’s a good idea,” said Clooney but what about proposals on how to achieve that enquired the reporter.

“I am not very good at that,” responded the star.

“Oh I think you are,” said the female reporter with a wide smile.

“Proposals! Hold wait a minute let’s set this down right now,” concluded Clooney.