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Rhythm Guitar Lesson - Power Guitar Chords in the Style of Green Day

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In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teach you a cool chord progression with power chords in the style of Green Day so if you like hard rock or punk music you may want to
check out this lesson.
The band Green Day was formed in 1987 consists of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, Jason White, and later replaced Cool by John Kiffmeyer. In 1994, they released their
major label debut Dookie through Reprise Records that became a breakout success and sold more than 10 million copies in the U.S.
A power chord is basically a 2 note chord, the tonic with an interval of 5th. Also it´s common to add a high octave or another 5th as the lower note. This last technique is very used in heavy metal or thrash metal music...
Ok, hope this helps and don´t forget to come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style. That is all for today... Also I suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Jon MacLennan and all the staff at Guitarcontrol.com! Where? In our free guitar lessons at www.youtube.com/guitarcontrol

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