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Blues Guitar Lesson - Guitar Riff Over a 12 Bar Blues Progression in E7 - Rhythm Guitar

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In this guitar lesson, Jon MacLennan will teach you a cool blues riff that every aspiring blues player must know. As you can imagine there are hundreds of this kind of riffs so that´s why I really recommend you to learn some of the examples you can find in our youtube channel. These riffs are very important in blues music, so once you have some of them down you will master like a 50 per cent of your blues rhythm guitar.
Ok, so... What is a riff? A riff is the part of the song that you will remember, it can be done with pentatonic, major or minor scales... it depends of the song and the context. For example, do you know Smoke on the water by Deep Purple? That is one of the most known riffs ever. Also the Enter sandman´s riff by Metallica.
The example of today´s lesson, it´s basically a 12 bar blues progression where instead of playing full chords we just play some double stops note and partial chords. The riff is in E7 and ofcourse we will have the traditional chords degrees I-IV-V. It also has a similar style to Jimmy Page. I recommend you to listen to the greatest bluesmen of all time, such as BB King, Albert King, Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc.
It is important that you come up with your own ideas, which is the best advice for starting to find `your´ unique sound and style.
Alright, that is all for today... Anyway I suggest that you keep enjoying and learning from Jon MacLennan and all the staff of Guitarcontrol.com! Where? In our free guitar lessons at www.youtube.com/guitarcontrol

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