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9 years ago

USA: Sriracha hot sauce in pickle over factory odours

euronews (in English)
euronews (in English)
It has achieved cult status all around the world and sales of the famous rooster-branded Sriracha hot sauce have exploded over the last decade.

Manufacturer Huy Fong moved its processing plant to Irwindale last year to keep up with global demand. But the city has filed a lawsuit, asking a judge to stop production.

“We’ve had families and children and seniors complain about the odours and the residual effects to where they can’t go outside,” said Irwindale’s City Manager John Davidson.

“Last year, the problem was minor in comparison to what we’re experiencing now. However, Huy Fong was only operating at 10 percent of what they’re doing now and they’re at 50 percent now at their full operation and this time next year they’ll be at 100 percent operation,” added Davidson.

The company has added filters to its exhaust vents but says the pungent odour gives the sauce its distinctive flavour. Chief Executive and founder David Tran said a shutdown would simply force up the price of the sauce.

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