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9 years ago

Almonds Serve as Snacks and Appetite Suppressants

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Geo Beats
Almonds have been confirmed to have appetite-suppressing abilities.

The nuts have been confirmed to have appetite-suppressing abilities.

This was proven to be the case after four weeks of studying subjects who were separated into 5 groups.

4 sections of participants ate about 250 calories worth of almonds at different times of the day.

2 groups ate them with meals and the other 2 at them as either morning or afternoons snacks.

1 group didn’t have any at all.

The researchers found that in the snacking groups, the nuts actually curbed appetites later in the day.

Calories cut from meals – or other snacks - as a result of not being as hungry as usual made up for the additional ones contained in the almonds.

In the end, the people who munched on almonds between meals didn’t gain weight even though they made a habit of consuming the high-fat nuts.

The scientists attribute the phenomenon to the unique combination of fat, fiber, and protein the almonds have to offer.

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