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Thailand Medical Tourism Market (Spending) Analysis & Forecast (www.renub.com)

Renub Research has announced the addition of the "Thailand Medical Tourism Market (Spending) Analysis & Forecast" report to its offering

Thailand is one of the most important and popular medical tourism destinations worldwide. Thailand has the highest number of JCI accredited hospitals compared to its Asian rival countries. Its medical tourists’ arrivals numbers is expected to be more than 1 Million by the 2013. Thailand medical tourism market is expected to grow with single digit CAGR from 2012 to 2018. Japan accounts for the highest number of medical tourist visitors in Thailand; followed by Asian region in the second spot and Middle East in the third place respectively.

Out of 15 countries studied in this report only 1 country spending will be more than US$ 1 Billion, 3 countries (segments) spending will be more than US$ 500 Million and 8 countries (segments) spending will be between 100 to 500 Million by 2018 (Exact Spending figures are available in the report.

Renub Research report titled "Thailand Medical Tourism Market (Spending) Analysis & Forecast” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Thailand medical tourism market covering in detail various aspects such as medical tourists visits, spending from medical tourists, competitive landscape and market share of the medical tourist visits & spending share of medical tourists. The report also covers

• Classification of Medical Tourists in Thailand
• Most Popular Medical Services Within Foreigners
• Competitive Advantage In Medical Services Between Thailand and Other Countries
• Top Thailand Private Hospitals Overview and Their Comparisons
• Cost Comparison of Various Types Of Surgeries In The United States and UK With Thailand
• Growth Drivers for Thailand Medical Tourism
• Challenges for Thailand Medical Tourism Market

This 112 page report with 77 Figures and 15 Tables provides a complete analysis of top 15 countries who visited Thailand for medical treatment. All the 15 countries in the report have been studied from 2 viewpoints.

I. Medical Tourists Visits in Thailand from the year 2001-2018
II. Medical Tourists Spending in Thailand from the year 2001-2018

All the 15 Countries studied in the report are as follows

1. Japan
2. United States
3. South Asia Region
4. Britain
5. Middle East
6. Asian Region
7. Taiwan & China
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. France
11. South Korea
12. Canada
13. East Europe
14. Scandinavia
15. Other Countries

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