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9 years ago

Call of Duty: Ghosts "EXTINCTION" ALIENS MODE! New Zombies Mode! - (CoD Ghosts Alien Survival Mode)

Drop a LIKE for an alternative zombies mode in Ghosts! What do YOU think of an alien/dinosaur survival mode in COD Ghosts?
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Call of Duty: Ghosts may have a new alien survival mode called "EXTINCTION", similar to zombies but with potential alien hordes! This could be an incredibly epic mode! Imagine a world where you and 3 others escape from hordes of aliens! Infinity Ward HAD to make a co-op mode which would rival Treyarch's Zombies and this could be it. There has been NO mention of Extinction Mode before, so whatever it is, it's a secret co-op mode that is going to be very exciting! Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Facebook as well as subscribe to stay updated on Extinction!

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