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Woman dislocated jaw eating Liverpool restaurant's three-patty burger

Nicola Peate dislocated her jaw after an attempt to eat the three-patty "Kids in America" burger at Liverpool's Almost Famous restaurant.

The incident initially almost went unnoticed, but the 25-year-old eventually had to have her jaw realigned by medics after the failed attempt to ingest the sizeable hamburger.

"I didn't think I'd dislocated it -- you don't expect it to happen eating a burger," said Peate to the UK Press Association. "But I tried to eat it with a knife and fork and couldn't. I couldn't open my mouth fully."

Peate initially laughed off the pain, but realized the extent of the injury when she arrived at work the next day.

"It felt like I had cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an earache and a headache," Peate said. "The next morning I woke up and felt really, really ill. The whole side of my head was hurting."

The social media manager luckily found a doctor at the Royal Liverpool university hospital who was able to fix the problem with a quick maneuver.

"The minute it went back in it was like turning a tap off in my head," she said. "All the tension just went."

Nicola's accident apparently represented the first time any of the restaurant's jaw-droppingly large burgers literally had that effect on its customers, according to a report by The Guardian.

"While it's something that people joke about quite often, this is definitely the first instance of jaw dislocation as a result of an Almost Famous burger we've ever heard of," said a spokeswoman for the eatery.

The restaurant even extended an olive branch to Peate offering her a gratis gnoshing on her next visit. Even going as far as to throw in an emergency kit that would include cutlery and painkillers in the event of another such incident.

The soon-to-be wed social media manager, who has a condition that makes her joints prone to dislocation, has promised to stick to less adventurous fare in the future.

"I will be more conscious of the size of food in future. If I had a big burger, I'd cut it up with a knife and fork."


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