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10 years ago
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SEO Packages :

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, as a leading search engine optimization company, delivers best in class SEO Search Engine Optimization to clients across all the business domains. We provide custom SEO packages based on the needs of customer in terms of number of keywords and target geography. Below are some of the important FAQs -

Q. What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?
A: Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive process to improve a website's rankings in search engines like google, yahoo, bing and baidu. This includes Onpage and Offpage optimization process including social media. Identifying good keywords, developing quality links, code validation and content markup are central to SEO.

Q: How is SEO different from SEM?
A: SEM or Search Engine Marketing encompasses all aspects of search marketing including PPC, SEO, affiliate programs, social media campaigns, etc.

Q: I already do PPC, do I need to do SEO? What's the difference?
A: With our detailed research, we have found that organic SEO leads to many more sales than paid online advertising. Some find that SEO visits convert to sales more than ten times better than PPC.
A well configured PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign is active instantly but can cost a lot. Additionally, PPC's efforts disappear the second you stop paying. PPC has no effect on your page's ranking in search engines.
Website Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand is slower to start, taking from one to three months to get into high gear. But the rest is all good news. SEO effects are long lasting, allowing you to conquer new sets of terms regularly as your past efforts continue to succeed.

Q: How can I measure SEO performance every month?
A: We will provide you the monthly report of the performance of your website and the keywords. The monthly report will consists of a few figures, graphs and charts that we consider the bellwethers of the field.

Q: Does PROVAB TECHNOSOFT offer references from other clients?
A: Yes. Our current and past clients' references are available with stellar testimonials.