10 years ago

Mini Golf Matchup iOS Cheats [Unlimited Diamonds & Coins Free] For Australia

Download from here :- http://linkz.it/6Wl/ca-minigolfmatchup

As you might have expected, the holes here aren’t always as cut and dry as they might be in real life. You’ll find yourself presented with tough, crazy challenges from time to time, like a gem that can only be collected by knocking your ball over a deadly drop, or patches of course that will push your ball into the opposite direction.

Having said that, the courses feel rooted firmly enough in reality for the most part. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you.

Normally this wouldn’t even earn a footnote in a review, but the ad frequency is so aggressive in MatchUp that it’s bound to turn some players off. It’s not uncommon to complete a hole and then be forced to sit through a 30 second video commercial

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