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9 years ago

Student Charged After Putting Hot Sauce in Cafeteria Food

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A practical joker allegedly tainted a school’s marinara sauce with “Da Bomb” hot sauce. Three cafeteria workers were hospitalized from inhaling the fumes.

Teenage kids and pranks go hand in hand. One Chicago high school student is dealing with the repercussions of messing with cafeteria food.

The unidentified practical joker allegedly tainted the school’s marinara sauce with a spicy condiment. The male student somehow sneaked into the cafeteria and placed “Da Bomb” hot sauce into a container of spaghetti sauce during the first period lunch.

A spokeswoman for the school stated “Several staff and students reported reactions to the sauce, including coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and skin rashes. The impacted staff members were taken to hospital but no serious injuries were reported.”

In total three cafeteria workers were hospitalized from inhaling the fumes, indicating the teenager’s chosen sauce was insanely hot. The prank was brought to the attention of employees after another student took a bite from his lunch and notified staff that his mouth was burning.

The alleged prankster is now facing five counts of misdemeanor battery. The school will be installing security cameras to prevent any future occurrences.

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