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9 years ago

Conor Knighton from Current TV's infoMania Live From the Fut
Tonight, youre getting a fistfull of show! From CurrentTV's infoMania, we welcome Conor Knighton. As usual (and cleared of all charges), John Fulron is playing music, and Jessie is looking hot! First up, its SoftCore Hollywood Hits with the live chatrooms. Then, we do a little 30 seconds of IM names. Next, Conor Knighton stops by to talk about infoMania (Thursdays at 10), what a typical week is like at infoMania, and most importantly his porn name. Hold your breath, Conor shows us his useless skills: he can clap with one hand! Then we did a little game called: Currency or Dessert, and wrapped with a lesson in toilet bowl technique courtesy of Mr. Knighton (real name by the way...) Be sure to check out all of our shows and clips on "LIVE! From the future... with Geoff Trail!" Subscribe to our show HERE! Watch all our shows HERE! Visit our brand new website