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9 years ago

Mad TV's Jordan Peele and Jessica Griffin from Guiding Light
Two guests TONIGHT! From MadTV we welcome Jordan Peele, and from Guiding Light, we have Jessica Griffin! Pull up a chair and get cozy cause were gonna stuff a whole heap of show down your gullet. Of course, John Fulron is playing music, and Andrea Ball is subbing in for Schneiderpants, so weve got you covered. First up, its Finish the MJ Lyrics with the live chatrooms. Next up, Jessica Griffin, fresh from Guiding Light , tells us about her wardrobe malfunction, AND plays a new game called Come again?, which features the MOST awkward theme song ever. Jessica rounds out her interview with an chatroom selected bit called: Skills that don't pay the bills which involves dancing and mouth tricks... yep. Then its time for Jordan Peele from MadTV to come on the show and tell us how Bill Clinton got him into showbiz, doing improv in Chicago and what is what like living in Amsterdam for 3 years. I challenge Jordan to play a new game, in dutch, called What the hell am I saying? Then, President Obama makes an appearance and last but not least, Jordan teaches us How to Make a Ghetto Roommate. Check out Jordan on, and be sure to check out all of our shows and clips on "LIVE! From the future... with Geoff Trail!" Subscribe to our show HERE! Watch all our shows HERE! Follow us of Twitter HERE!Visit our brand new website