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Fast X

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'Fast X’s' Vin Diesel Reacts To The Rock’s Return After Their Beef

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
The Fast & Furious “family” has continued to grow over the years and so "Fast X" is absolutely bursting with stars, but one major name has been conspicuous by his absence for the last couple of films. Dwayne Johnson did not return for "F9" and he doesn’t appear in "Fast X" either, until the very end that is. Fans were more than shocked that Johnson returned to the franchise after saying there was no chance of that.

Even before the movie hit theaters it was revealed that the "Fast X" mid-credits scene starred Dwayne Johnson, hinting that he’ll play a significant role in the upcoming "Fast & Furious 11." ET asked Vin Diesel about The Rock returning to the fold after the feud the pair had, Diesel says that the franchise is a place where actors can play great characters that fans love