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Tim Allen Breaks Silence On 'Lightyear' And Shares What He Really Thinks About The 'Toy Story' Spinoff

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
We all know Buzz Lighter as the lovable space ranger who teams up with Woody in their many "Toy Story" adventures, but what exactly inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy line? Well, you can find out now, as the Buzz Lightyear solo film called "Lightyear" is out, but it stars Marvel actor Chris Evans as the title character. A Buzz Lightyear movie without Tim Allen? If you’re curious how the "Santa Clause" actor feels about that, he has decided to break his silence on the subject.

"Lightyear" is all about the space ranger who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy line. So it’s understandable why Pixar decided to go for a different voice actor for the role of the young test pilot. As for how Tim Allen feels about that decision, he said to ExtraTV that while he would have loved to have taken part in a standalone Buzz Lightyear story, he knew "Lightyear" would have nothing to do with the "Toy Story" movies

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