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3 months ago

Buffalo Cheese: Meet the Woman Preserving this Ming Dynasty Recipe

Cheese isn’t a type of food you would associate with China, but the craft dates back to the Ming Dynasty. In this town of Shunde, it’s made with two simple ingredients: Buffalo milk and vinegar. We speak to a fourth-generation cheesemaker to learn how she does it.

This is the last episode of our seven-part series on mom-and-pop eateries in China. Check out our other episodes in our Mean Street Gourmet playlist.

Shop address: Daliang Qinghui Road, 10 Yinyi Lou, Foshan, Shunde District

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Producer: Xin Fang
Videographers: Canrong Zhang and Xin Fang
Editor and Mastering: César Del Giudice

#streetfood #cheese #buffalomilk

Music: Audio Network

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