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3 years ago

Navy SEALS BUDS Class 234 || part 1 of 6 || Welcome to Buds

Navy SEALS BUDS Class 234 || part 1 of 6 || Welcome to Buds
Part 1: Welcome to BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) - From "The Grinder" to "Surf Torture," the training begins with a punishing series of physical and mental tests that will push students to their limits. And this is just the first day.

A Six Hour Series for The Discovery Channel that follows 80 candidates of Class 234 and their efforts to become US NAVY SEALS. You WILL feel the pain after watching the physical and mental challenges these candidates are faced with.
A superb production of the story of what goes into the Navy's SEAL's BUD/S training program. Terrific footage that takes the viewer right in the sand and surf at Coronado. An excellent narration which explains some of the philosophy of the training and its application by the instructors. The series is a great tribute to all the candidates who volunteer for the program and the achievement of graduating. All Americans should be immensely proud of the SEAL's and all they do.
BUD/S is a 6-month SEAL training course held at the Naval Special Warfare Training Center in Coronado, CA. You’ll start with five weeks Indoctrination and Pre-Training as part of a Navy SEAL Class, then go through the Three Phases of BUD/S.

First Phase is the toughest. It consists of 8 weeks of Basic Conditioning that peaks with a grueling segment called “Hell Week” at the midway point, where you’ll be tested to your limits.

Hell Week is a test of physical endurance, mental tenacity and true teamwork where 2/3 or more of your class may call it quits or “ring the bell.” Physical discomfort and pain will cause many to decide it isn’t worth it. The miserable wet-cold approaching hypothermia will make others quit. Sheer fatigue and sleep deprivation will cause every candidate to question his core values, motivations, limits, and everything he’s made of and stands for. Those who grit it out to the finish will hear their Instructors yell the longed-for words, “Hell Week is secured!”

There will be an exceptional few with burning desire who persevere when their bodies are screaming to quit, yet continue on. These men experience a tremendous sense of pride, achievement, brotherhood and a new self-awareness that, “I can do anything!!” The most outstanding among them — that man whose sheer force of example inspires his classmates to keep going when they’re ready to quit – is the “Honor Man” of the Class.

These determined men will proceed on to Second Phase (8 weeks of Diving) and Third Phase (9 weeks of Land Warfare). Most men who have succeeded in Hell Week make it through these phases. If not, it’s usually due to academic issues (e.g., dive physics) in the Dive Phase, or weapons and demolitions safety/competency issues in the Land Warfare (weapons and tactics) Phase. After BUDS is completed, trainees go through 3 weeks of Basic Parachute Training.

At this point,

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