7 years ago

Why Do Russia And Turkey Hate Each Other

After bridging centuries' old conflicts, Turkey and Russia find themselves at odds. So why are Turkey and Russia becoming rivals again?
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Turkey shooting down plane was 'planned provocation' says Russia, as rescued pilot claims he had no warning
"Russia hit back at Turkey and its Nato allies today, announcing it was deploying high-end anti-aircraft missiles to its military facilities in the country, write Roland Oliphant in Moscow and Richard Spencer, Middle East Editor."

Nato and UN seek calm over Turkish downing of Russian jet
"Nato and the United Nations have called for calm in the wake of the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkish aircraft that drew warnings of "serious consequences" from Vladimir Putin."

Russia Hits Turkey with Sanctions, Continues Bombing near Border
"Russian airstrikes along the Syrian-Turkish border continued this weekend, a week after Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian jet that crossed into Turkish airspace."
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