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8 years ago

Simharasi Songs - Telusa Nesthama - Dr. Rajasekhar, Sakshi Shivanand

Volga Videos
Volga Videos
Movie: Simharasi,
Cast: Dr. Rajasekhar, Sakshi Shivanand, Vijayakumar, Brahmanandam
Director: V.Samudra
Music: S A Rajkumar,
Producer: R B Choudary,
Genre: Action - Drama,
Release: 06 Jul 2001.

Simharasi is an remake version of tamil movie Maayi and it is an action oriented movie in which Raja Sekhar is the well-respected, do-gooder in the village.
He sees women in the village as his sisters and even conducts their marriages.
He is a man who is ready to kill his father(Vijayakumar) when he learns that he had a second wife.
But the father opts to kill himself rather than face his son and so, Raja Shekar brings his stepsister to live with him.
When the local MLA comes to him for support, he refuses and the MLA loses the election.
But his son, who admires Raja Shekar, marries his sister.
Meanwhile Saakshi Sivanand, Raja Sekhar sister's daughter, who comes to the village from City, wishes to marry him.
Revealing his sad past, Raja Shekar tells her why he can never think of marrying any woman.
Rest of the story is about how Saakshi made Raja Shekar to accept his marriage.

01. Telusa Nesthama
02. Pedalante
03. Amma Ane Pilichi
04. Rani Rani
05. Satyabhama

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