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Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Addresses Ticketmaster Fiasco And How She Feels About The Sale, Shares Her Hope For Disappointed Fans

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Cinema Blend
Call it what you want, but it seems safe to say at this point that the rush to buy Taylor Swift concert tickets was a complete fiasco. Ticketmaster crashed when demand was higher than anybody behind the sales seemingly prepared for, which has resulted in a lot of frustration that fans haven't been afraid to share in the days since. Now, Swift herself has addressed how she feels about the disaster, and why she still has hopes for those who are disappointed about the situation.

The singer-songwriter-actress took to Instagram with a lengthy Story to address the situation and how she feels "extremely protective" of her fans, and originally went the Ticketmaster route "SPECIFICALLY to improve the quality" of fans' experiences. She revealed that it has been "excruciating" for her to watch the situation with no way to fix it, and noted that it's "difficult" for her to "trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties."
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