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US Open (tennis)

7 hari lalu

September Morn and a Conversation with FactSet CEO Phil Snow

Bullish Studio
Bullish Studio
Episode Description: Guy, Dan, and Danny discuss Danny attending Serena Williams’s US Open upset amid a sea of Wall Street “bro vests” (3:03), if September will be even uglier for the markets after a difficult August (6:24), warning signals from $HYG, $LQD, and the corporate bond market (13:36), the tumble in oil and gas prices (21:37), the impact of the surging U.S. dollar (27:20), the questionable health of U.S. consumers (35:25), and Danny’s ROTT on why Enron & Tesla could end up having similar fates (41:40). Later, Dan & Guy speak with FactSet CEO Phil Snow about the evolution of the financial data industry (54:14) FactSet’s growth strategy and biggest opportunities to expand its business (55:06), how it’s adapting to hybrid working (1:04:57), the war for talent (1:13:28), and how Phil is managing the challenging macro environment for businesses (1:15:34).
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