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Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif or Salman Khan Ko Pakistan Laounga - Tiktoker Kashif Zameer Ka New Mission

Kashif Zameer is a famous Tik Toker but his fame and popularity at its peak when he brings Turkish superstar Angin Altan to Pakistan. but later on certain allegations were made against him and he went to jail where he stays for almost five months. UrduPoint anchor Zain Babu has interviewed him. What happened to him, how true or false are the allegations that were made against him, and what are his future plans, let us know about that all in the video.
Anchor: Zain Babu

#TikToker #KashifZameer #Interview #KashifZameerInJail #SalmanKhan #KatrinaKaif #Lahore

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