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Solomon and Sheba (Y. Brynner, G. Lollobrigida, 1959) HD

Nature Relax
Nature Relax
Solomon and Sheba is a 1959 epic historical romance film directed by King Vidor, it starred Yul Brynner as Solomon and Gina Lollobrigida as Sheba.

Plot: Under the rule of King David, Israel is united and prosperous, although surrounded by enemies, including Egypt and its allies. The aging King favours Solomon to succeed him, but his elder brother Adonijah, a warrior, declares himself King. When David learns of this, he publicly announces Solomon to be his successor. Adonijah and Joab, his general, withdraw in rage, but Solomon later offers his brother the command of the army, knowing that Adonijah may use it against him.
The Queen of Sheba conspires with the Egyptian Pharaoh to undermine Solomon's rule by seducing him and introducing Sheban pagan worship into Jerusalem.
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