Kids TV

Dear parents, we at Kids tv know that the first years of a child’s education are of utmost importance, as they are very restless and energetic preschoolers. Kids TV is the perfect way to ensure a rounded education for your child outside kindergarten. Through our compilations of 3D animated kids rhymes and educational videos, we introduce your toddlers to a variety of English rhymes, baby songs, and nursery rhymes that they have learned like Humpty Dumpty,Incy Wincy Spider, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa,Finger Family,abc song and 123 songs. Let our dear cartoon friend Bob the Train help your YouTube kids learn the alphabets, numbers, colours and shapes that decorate our world. Are your kids animal lovers? Then let the cute and cuddly Bao Panda teach them the wheels on the bus, ten in bed, color song, shape rhyme and many more nursery rhyme collection.We provide an array of 3d children rhymes and songs for kids, and if you want your babies to enjoy their preschool education, then subscribe now!