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Khabar TV aim to provide a platform to the talented, the philanthropists, the motivator, and all the people out there who are doing something new and beneficial for the country.
Our brilliant team is working 24/7 to bring together the untold stories from all over Pakistan, just drop us an email and we will cover and promote the story, we are here to highlight the potential of our beloved country. We have committed high class professionals, who are striving day and day for the betterment of the society.
Khabar TV is also an online resource for Urdu and English news for Current Affairs, Political shows, live discussions, online News, Magazine Shows you name it we have it.
Step outside from the realm of your daily boring TV life and enter the world of online Learning, where you learn and explore every day, every minute; every second.
Promote us promote your country, help us create a better word of mouth for Pakistan by Pakistanis.