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Gay pride

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Tips to Celebrate Pride Month With Your Kids

When one thinks of Pride Month, a plethora of adult-oriented activities, like parades and parties, comes to mind.
But there are a number of child-friendly activities you can do with your kids as well.
Here are nine ways to learn about and celebrate Pride with your children.
1. Teach them about LGBTQIA+ history, particularly queer people of color.
2. Explore stories of everyday LGBTQIA+ heroes and leaders.
3. Attend local Pride parades and events.
4. Have an age-appropriate conversation about sexual orientation and gender identity.
5. Watch, read and listen to queer movies, books and music.
6. Reach out to queer family members or friends together.
7. Normalize an environment that is accepting of LGBTQIA+ people.
8. Support local queer-owned businesses together.
9. Throw an at-home Pride party with rainbow-themed baking and crafting.

3 mesi fa