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Woman flies to Boston to surprise college roommate on Thanksgiving Day after not seeing her for 6 YEARS! *HEARTWARMING*

This soul-stirring footage is proof that genuine friendships stand the test of distance and time.

Watch as Bolanle Olukanni surprises her roommate from college, Moriah Nelson for Thanksgiving, a moment so moving that it gets the latter to cry happy tears while she tightly holds on to the returnee.

"We hadn't seen each other since Moriah's wedding six years ago," the filmer told WooGlobe. "Since then, she has had two kids. I travel a lot and am rarely in the States so I don't get to see my college friends as much.

"I planned with her husband to surprise her as I would be in the States (for the Thanksgiving holidays)."

Bolanle added that up until she had pulled up to her house, Moriah had no idea she was in town, which made their unexpected reunion all the more wholesome.
Location: Boston, USA

WooGlobe Ref : WGA135620
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