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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Furious At The City Of Los Angeles And CBS After He Claims They Lied About A Pothole

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Cinema Blend
Arnold Schwarzenegger played one of the most iconic villains ever in the original "Terminator," but these days he's known for trying to do good. The actor recently went viral on Twitter for trying to do a good deed. Now the response to that good deed has been some blowback that has the former governor quite upset at a CBS headline that seems to imply that the work Schwarzenegger and others did wasn’t what it appeared to be.

Last week Arnold posted a video to Twitter of himself and others fixing a pothole that he said on Twitter had been a problem for weeks but had remained undealt with by the city of Los Angeles. It was seen by many as a great example of members of a community going out and doing something about a problem. However, this was followed by a news story that Schwarzenegger took issue with, as it implied that what was fixed wasn’t a pothole, but was rather a trench dug for utility work.