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Spectacular 4th of July Lightning Storm Time Lapse

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Buzz Videos
Occurred on July 4, 2022 / Bozeman, Montana, USA

: "I am a professional photographer from Bozeman, MT specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. I spend much of my time in the backcountry chasing great views, the Milky Way, and wildlife. This is actually a time-lapse that took place on the evening of the Fourth of July. I prefer to believe that it was Mother Nature's answer to all the fireworks displays. I think she wanted to make it clear to everyone still awake that she could put on the most impressive show of the evening. This cumulonimbus cloud formation put on a fascinating lightning display from around 10:30pm until around 12:30am. The time-lapse itself took place over a span of approximately an hour and a half. The flash you see on the left side of the screen at the 19 second mark is actually a neighbors firework. The lightning storm was far enough in the distance that it was dead silent from my vantage point. The formation was over the Bridger Mountain Range just outside Bozeman, MT."

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