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Chris Hemsworth

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Get Fit Like Chris Hemsworth
Just in time to jumpstart your 2023 wellness journey, we've got the inside scoop on the legendary health and fitness regimen of Chris Hemsworth, straight from his fitness guru. Trainer Luke Zocchi took us up close and personal with details on Centr , the digital wellness platform created by the actor in one easy-to-use program, with all access to his team of world-class experts. The at-home essentials kit can transform your mindset and get you training like a star, all while contributing active steps to the Moves that Matter initiative. Strength is just one part of a wellness plan, and Centr offers a holistic approach so you can access things like yoga, cardio, and mindfulness exercises. What makes it easy is that it provides you with a weekly calendar showing exactly when to work out and meditate. It even tells you when and what to eat and gives you the recipe. And also sleep visualization practice to help you get a good night of rest. Once you download the app, you choose your goal - lose weight, get fit and toned, or build muscle. Then you select your current fitness level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - and finally, choose a meal plan: regular, pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan. This convenient approach also includes tons of variety. With Centr, each week in your planner is different while still building progress on your goals. To sign up for Centr, go to and sign up for a special one-month free trial offered in January. After that, subscription plans start at $10 per month.
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