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Super Bowl LVII

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'Magic Mike’s Last Dance' Reviews Are In, And Critics Are Not-So-Hot And A Little Bothered By Channing Tatum’s Threequel

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
For many people Super Bowl LVII will be the biggest event to take place this weekend, but for others the big game will be easily overshadowed by Channing Tatum’s "Super Bowl of stripper movies," aka "Magic Mike’s Last Dance." The third and (supposedly) final movie in the franchise comes more than 10 years since "Magic Mike’s" premiere, and the actor has promised lap dances, a crazy opening and “less character, more dancing.” Reviews are in for the threequel that many thought would never happen, so let’s see what the critics are saying.

This time around Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike will not be joined by his motley crew of dancer buddies from the first two installments. Instead, Salma Hayek’s Maxandra Mendoza whisks the enthusiastic dancer-turned-carpenter-turned-bartender away to London to breathe life into a production she’s been running at a theater on the West End. So where will this film fall in the discourse of best dance movies? I’ll let the critics answer that.

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