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I Shocked My Sister With My Zendaya Makeover | TRANSFORMED

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
AN aspiring Hollywood star has had her dream makeover into Zendaya. Ariel Sullivan, 29, recently moved to Santa Monica to pursue a career in screenwriting. She grew up and stayed in Colorado during her 20s, but before reaching the milestone of 30 she decided to abandon her comfortable life to follow her goals in LA. Ariel has been dreaming of a makeover to show off the new confident path she’s taking in life. She told Truly: “I want to be a writer, but there's a lot of rejection, I've been a little disheartened.” With her lack of confidence in mind, she chose a transformation to emulate her idol - actress and dancer Zendaya. “I picked Zendaya for this makeover because she's classy, confident and sexy. She's a boss, babe," Ariel explained. "I think that getting a makeover will make me feel more confident." She also picked the star because of her mixed family heritage. “Growing up as a mixed kid, you're never white enough or you're never black enough," she said. “I haven't had a lot of mixed-race role models growing up.” Ariel said that she tends to “play it safe” with her style. “I've been living in sweatpants, I hardly do my makeup or my hair.” Her sister Savoy has also been encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone. Savoy said: “I think that she needs to gain more confidence in what she's doing. I’m really hoping that this motivates her and convinces her that she is doing the right thing.” Transforming from sweatpants to style, how will Ariel and her sister react to seeing the final makeover into her idol?
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