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Ted Lasso

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'Ted Lasso's' Hannah Waddingham Hilariously Explains The Scenes She Filmed That Probably 'Cost The Studio' A Lot Of Money

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
One of the reasons I think "Ted Lasso" works so well is the fact that the cast genuinely loves each other. They’re known for making each other laugh, and talking all the time about their admiration for one another. While we’d expect comments about this from known besties Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein, I was surprised to learn that Hannah Waddingham and Nick Mohammed also can’t help but make each other laugh. And because of their shenanigans, the Rebecca actress hilariously explained why she thinks those scenes may have “cost the studio” a lot of money.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself: ‘But Rebecca and Nate have no scenes together,’ which is pretty true for Season 3 of "Ted Lasso." However, Hannah Waddingham and Nick Mohammed apparently couldn’t keep it together when they had to film together -- thinking back on the scene of Rebecca teaching Nate about confidence in Season 2, I could see this happening. She explained why her scenes with him might have cost the studio a bit of extra money in a hilarious way while on The View.
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