Shipra Joshi

This channel (Shipra Joshi) is about cooking Indian Veg food Recipes. I have tried to present it in a very simple way. I have followed step by step, how to make, and easy to follow (DIY or Do it Yourself) approach. Here, I am trying to cater to the need of almost every aspect of kitchen i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea Time Snack, Juice, Pudding, Dessert etc. These recipes can easily be made by bachelors, housewives, students etc by following simple steps shown in my videos.

I , Shipra Joshi, invite all foodies or cooking enthusiasts to send comments about my videos. I truly appreciate your feedback, support and good wishes. You may also write about the recipe which you are expecting me to make. I shall try to upload the video of the same in shortest possible time.