Abdul Hadi

Hi Guys!

I'm here to help people with different yummy recipes. Especially for those who are beginners. My videos will always be between 2 to 4 minutes, as everyone prefer, short video but useful! :)

I'll upload all kind of cuisine like Chinese, Italian, Pakistani, Indian, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Turkish and many many others. My favourite cuisine is Middle Eastern and Lebanese.

I'll upload all kinds of recipes such as curries, cakes, other bakings, desserts, chocolaty dishes, smoothies, milkshakes, sweets and indeed, requested recipes, and much much more. So, SUBSCRIBE and stay connected!

I'll not only upload recipes or cooking videos but also most demanded videos, songs, movies, dramas, technical videos, and much much more!

Health is wealth. So, stay healthy, stay wealthy, stay wise!

Homemade is always the best!

Don't waste your money out, eat healthy at house!

New Recipe Every Week!

Thank you! :)